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April 25, 2013
1 million meals and counting! Let's feed as many families as we can.



Child hunger is a big problem in America. And we have a big goal to help tackle it. We are working together to raise 1 million meals for kids in communities across the United States - in just 6 weeks.

Every action you take helps us reach our goal. Plant a community garden, organize a food drive, or host an event that will get more and more people involved in the fight against child hunger.

1,424,061 meals

1 million meals and counting!

Let's feed as many families as we can!

Tell us about it! Did you build a table? Write a blog? Plant a community garden? Organize a food drive? Or volunteer at your local food bank?

Every action matters in the fight against child hunger, and every action will feed more kids and families. When you report action, our campaign partners will match your efforts to generate a meal for a child in need.


What Others Have Brought To The Table

Abby Gaul- HandsOn Twin Cities
HandsOn Twin Cities' Youth Advisory Board completed a number of hunger awareness projects with Coon Rapids High School....
Kari Pardoe- The LEAGUE Michigan and David Ellis Academy
The fourth graders in Rhonda Todd’s class at David Ellis Academy on Detroit’s north side worked with their first grade buddie...
Kari Pardoe- The LEAGUE Michigan and Timbuktu Academy
Kindergartners in Jasma McKinley’s class at Timbuktu Academy for Science and Technology in eastern Detroit put together bags...
Ashleigh Eubanks - Burns Latino Studies Academy
An eighth grade leadership class is doing a group project on homelessness.The group arranged a series of visits to a local fa...
Michelle Chase - Wee Volunteer 4
Our last project for Generation On's "What Will You Bring to the Table?" initiative was a awesome...even in th...
Sally Hallingstad - Metro Volunteers
Volunteers assembled and painted a base coat on three picnic tables at the 2013 Volunteer Fest Colorado event. The tables wer...
Paula Splane - Jewel Sumner Middle School
The students helped the high school teacher build three picnic tables. They unloaded supplies. They conducted a canned food...
Stephen Crockett- Fentress County 4-H
For this project, we built small concrete tables and decorated them with a design that includes a short, inspirational phrase...
Paul Joseph- Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service
Our project had two principle thrusts. First we undertook the building of the picnic table as per the instructions from the “...
Roberta Douglas - Chicago Youth Centers ABC Polk Bros
Our center hosts a community wide food distribution each month. Our WWYBTT project introduced the Kids' Table to our mo...
Lori Pearson- Kids Care Club
Using the snack mix ingredients, our Kids Care Club made trail mix and snack mixes for children at our local elementary schoo...
Marc Berson- Cafe Freedom
We started the project at Sheehy Elementary school with an event in collaboration with Arbys. Since the children who attend t...


A Really Important Message for Kids and Teens.

There are nearly 17 million kids in the United States who experience hunger at any given time throughout the year. That’s more than the populations of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles – America’s three largest cities – combined. We can do better. Let’s be the generation that solves America’s child hunger problem. What will you bring to the table?


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